Sunday, November 11, 2012

From the 90s: Skydancers

I'm a 90s kid and I like to reminisce once in a while. Today's gift from the 90s is the Skydancer. It's a doll with foam wings. When you pull some string, the doll spins on its stand like a top and it eventually flies. I remember being so amazed and scared at the same time whenever I played with my Skydancer. My mom gave it to me when I was in grade school. I can't exactly remember how old I was then but I remember that I broke a few household items because of this toy. Sorry mom!

I don't think the tv show aired in the Philippines. Too bad. I would've been a loyal follower. Haha!

This is the dancer I got! 

About a year ago, I found it in our bodega and it still worked! I couldn't believe it! When we moved houses, I think I gave it to my yaya's granddaughter so she could enjoy it for whatever it's worth.

Did you have one when you were a kid?

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