Thursday, November 22, 2012

College Days

For most of my college life, I lived by myself. I lived in a studio unit along Katipunan Avenue for three years and a bedroom at a dorm in Evry, France for four months. I LOVED living alone. No really. The freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want was heaven for me. Of course, with my freedom came some responsibilities and one was taking care of my laundry.

In the Philippines, doing laundry meant bringing home all my dirty clothes on the weekends and magically bringing them back to my condo all fresh and clean come Monday. On the weekends when I didn't go home, laundry meant calling the laundry place to pick up my dirty clothes and having them conveniently delivered to me after 1-2 days. This certainly was not the case when I went to France. In Evry, doing the laundry was a long and tiring process.

Nic's Laundry Process:

  1. Bring down my bag of clothes to the laundry room. Workout for the day, check!
  2. Sort my clothes- whites, colored, and special items. 
  3. Put one pile of clothes into the washing machine. 
  4. Add some fabric softener for extra...softness. LOL. 
  5. Put some coins into the slot and let the machine do all the work. 
  6. Wait for around 45 minutes. Or, watch one episode of Friends in my room and come back. 
  7. Take out the pile and put them in the basket. 
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until all clothes have been washed. 
  9. Put the entire pile in the huge ass dryer. 
  10. Set the time and all. Let the dryer do all the work. 
  11. Watch another 1-2 episodes of Friends and come back to find that my clothes have been moved to a basket. 
  12. Transfer all my dry clothes into a bag and bring them up to my room. 
  13. Start folding all my clothes. 
  14. Notice that some socks/tops/leggings are missing. 
  15. Go back down to the laundry room and look for the missing items. 
  16. After a few minutes, sigh and realize that those items are lost forever. 
  17. After 2 months, notice that my sweaters are becoming just a little bit too tight. 
  18. Go on a "diet" because I think that I'm getting too big for my clothes. 
  19. Notice that my jeggings (yes, I wore jeggings at some point. Forgive me.) are getting too short. Think, "Wait. I'm tall but I'm not growing anymore."
  20. Have the epiphany of your life when you realize that you skipped the most important step when it comes to doing laundry: check the tags to see if the item can be put inside a washing machine and dryer. 
  21. Buy a few new clothes for the rest of your stay. 
Whether in the Philippines or in France, my Beansprout laundry bag was my buddy. It was such a handy thing to have in college and I think that it would make a nice gift for friends and family living alone or living in small spaces.


I love all Beansprout products but their laundry bag has a special place in my heart. Haha! It's made out of canvas which makes it both lightweight and washable. It's super durable! I've had mine for almost 4 years and the rope is only slightly stretched. It's such a space saver- perfect for nephews and nieces living in dorms and studio apartments. I used to hang mine outside my bathroom door. 

Laundry Bags Canvas
via Beansprout website

For 300 pesos, I think it's a steal! It is the perfect functional gift to give. They also have a nylon variant that retails for 250 pesos

Laundry Bags Nylon
via Beansprout website

As for gift wrapping, I would put it in a small bag since it lacks shape to be wrapped with wrapping paper. Beansprout is all about saying NO to plastic bags so I think it would be nice to keep with that theme. I'm a big fan of brown paper bags used for gift wrapping. Here are some absolutely cute ideas for this gift. 

via Pinterest

You can check out the other laundry bag designs here and here. Happy shopping!! 

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