Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 rules I live by

When it comes to gift giving, I have basic rules that help me get the job done.

1. Stick to your budget

No, this does not mean that you have to be kuripot. It just means that money doesn't grow on trees (oh how I wish it were that easy) and you can't spend you're entire salary on a gift for a special someone. Well you could, but then you'd probably have to stick to eating one meal per day, drink free house water instead of margaritas when you're out with your girlfriends, or worse, limit yourself to window shopping! I kid. Window shopping is fun, it's practically essential in the gift giving process. But you know what I'm getting at. So go ahead and get that much needed mani-pedi for yourself and STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. Besides, at the end of the day, it's a gift- a TOKEN of your appreciation for the relationship you have with that other person. It's not the end of the world (Though be careful, giving a really bad gift can mean the end of that wonderful friendship. Believe me. I've heard some pretty nasty, and honestly, sad stories of broken friendships, one over a DVD!). Of course, the more special the person means to you, the bigger your budget could be.

2. Think about the person you're giving to and not yourself

Seems pretty obvious right? But then how many times have we ever given a gift, secretly hoping we would receive that same gift too? Guilty? I know. So am I. Sometimes, it's so easy to get carried away and give something we like thinking that everyone else would love it too. If this happens to you too, better make a list of 3-5 interests or hobbies that you know the recipient of the gift is in to. That way, you have a written reminder staring you in the face and telling you to put that aztec print purse down and head to the accessories department instead because your friend absolutely adores anything with pearls and isn't really the bohemian type.

3. Don't forget about the packaging

Second to the moment the person sees the actual gift and rejoices because he/she loves whatever you've given them, my next favorite moment is watching the recipient's facial expression the first time he/she eyes my present. Is he curious about what's inside? Is she secretly hoping it's what she thinks it is? Or is the wrapping just too boring that my friend isn't even the slightest bit interested about what I spent hours looking for? They say first impressions last. Well, it counts for gifts too. I'm not saying that you should go all out and have it gift wrapped by a professional. There are so many DIY tips and tricks out there to add a special touch to your gift. Some even look to pretty to destroy! Take a look at these for some inspiration :)

The one above is my absolute favorite! So easy to do and yet so pretty. 

Some ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. 

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