Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Giving Tree

Picture from Amanda Talar

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy.” 

The Giving Tree was my favorite book growing up. My mom gave it to me as one of her attempts to get me into reading. She loves to read. She treasures books and giving her a gift certificate from Powerbooks or Fully Booked is a fail safe way to make her happy. 

Back to the book, I have cried countless times reading The Giving Tree. There's just something about unconditional love and generosity that sparks something in my heart. Cheesy, I know. But SO TRUE. Like the tree in the book, I LOVE giving gifts. I love thinking about what the recipient of my gift would like, or what he/she (most often "he" the past year, with my boyfriend at the top of my list) is dying to have but can't seem to get for himself. I like going around malls and searching on the net, finding hunting for that perfect something. Then when I find it, I enjoy the gift wrapping too. I really believe presentation is everything (Okay not EVERYTHING but it's still very important).

I like making people happy. Plain and simple. 

So this is a blog all about gift giving (because half the time I wish someone would write about gifts and where to find them here in the Philippines). 

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