Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I'm a HUGE fan of Washi tape. For those who are unfamiliar with this wrapping wonder, washi tape is a kind of tape (DUH) made of paper. It's similar to masking tape but with a much smoother feel. It's a DIY-er's secret weapon for decorating, wrapping, and all other crafts. Washi tapes always come in really adorable designs and I'm so happy that you can already find them here in the Philippines. Hooray!!

Here are some of the many uses for washi tape :)

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But of course, I'd use them for gift wrapping!! 

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Looking at these images, I'm already itching to buy some so I can start wrapping and making gift tags. Haha!

Where to find washi tape in the Philippines

Prices: P150 for 1, P320 for 2, P1,400 for 10
MT Masking Tape 10PMT Masking Tape 2PMT Masking Tape 1P
MT Masking Tape mt suite
MT Suite (P750)

Hey Kessy

Prices: P100 per roll for the following designs. P950 for a bundle of 10 (plus 1 roll free!). 

Hey Kessy also has bundles of 3 (P290) and 5 (P480) designs. 

Fab Manila Stores 

I discovered this just last week. Too bad I didn't have enough time to choose from the various designs. They are located at the following areas.

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