Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Feature: Artwine

Artwine's felt products are perfect gifts for little girls- your nieces, cousins and little sisters. All their designs are colorful, fun, and oh-so-adorable! Plus, the soft felt material practically eliminates any harmful incidents making these gift items safe enough for the kids.

Looking through their catalog of products, I picked out a few items which caught my eye.

Long Pouch (P220)

Long Pouch (P220)

These animal pouches are 220 pesos each. Their size (10" x 4.75") is perfect for holding school supplies making it the cutest pencil case to bring to school. Every child has a favorite animal and Artwine has quite a selection. 

Pouch (P180)

Out of their numerous pouch designs, I like the Elephant Pouch (P180) the most. It's 4.75" wide and 3.25" tall making it the perfect size to keep small belongings like make-up, hand sanitizer, etc. 

Headband (P120)

Artwine also makes these cute headbands that only cost 120 pesos. It's the perfect hair accessory for the kikay girls. 

Pen Topper- pencil included (P120)

Last but not the least, they have these colorful pen/ pencil toppers for 120 pesos. If I was still in grade school, I'd want to have a ton of these for all my pens. Haha! 

I suggest making a nice package of different Artwine products and putting them all inside the long pouch. If my niece were much older (she's only a month old!) and already going to school, I'd get her 2-3 pencil toppers and 2-3 headbands. Then I would put them all inside the purple penguin pouch. With my gift, she would be all set for school (sans the actual supplies haha!). I really think these items will make kids more excited about going to school. I know I would! 

As for gift wrapping, I would suggest putting the pouch full of goodies inside a box with strips of curly paper as filling for that extra sweet touch. I was thinking of the Glamourbox/ BDJ Box packagings the other day and how the tiny pieces of paper would make cute wrapping add-ons.  

via Purple Peaches

I'd probably sprinkle some glitter on top too. Kids LOVE glitter hihi. These little details make the recipient feel so much more special without being too much of a hassle. So I say, go ahead. Let that gift sparkle. Haha! 


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really like their stuff  :)  Also, all pictures are from the Artwine website unless specified. 

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