Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's go to the beach!

Here's the perfect gift for beach lovers. You know them. That cousin who surfs almost every weekend or that tita who visits Boracay every year for Holy Week. Living in the Philippines, beautiful beaches are abundant and we all want to keep in that way.

The Lagu Beach Blanket is the perfect friend to bring to the beach. What's so special about this blanket is that it repels sand! No more dirty cars and beach bags. Hooray! Plus, by using this blanket you're not taking home one of our countries natural resources (yes I consider sand a natural resource LOL) home with you, preserving the beach you just enjoyed.

The Lagu Beach Blanket comes in five yummy colors. It's allergen free and quick drying too! It really is the perfect beach buddy. 

P999 on ava.ph

I'd wrap this blanket with a nice BIG bow (similar here). The colors of the blankets are just too pretty to cover up. I'd stick to natural materials like twine, brown paper and net-like ribbons to keep with the beach theme. 

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