Wednesday, November 7, 2012

47 days till Christmas

You know Christmas is near when everyone and I mean EVERYONE is out shopping for gifts! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. No, not my birthday nor Valentine's nor New Year's. It's Christmas with all the lights, presents, and ham *pictures ham with LOTS of honey*. Mmmmmmm.

In preparation for the holidays, we start by decorating our house. I love decorating the house with lights and stockings and putting out my mom's belen collection (she has more than 50 I think!). We place them in various places around the house, some even outside in the garden.

Decorating the tree has been my job ever since my mom passed down the torch when I was around 14. You see, decorating our tree is a skill. We have all kinds of ornaments from the traditional balls and angels to miniature nutcracker soldiers and candy canes. Everything has to be balanced- precious ornaments at the top and bigger pieces at the bottom. When everything is done, the youngest usually gets to put the star at the very top of the tree. That used to be me but for the past few years, it has been my nephew, Manolo.

I personally like going the traditional route with a green pine tree and red & gold ornaments but here are some unique new Christmas trees that I MIGHT be open to trying this year.

1. White tree instead of green    


2. Trees that aren't really trees   

Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 1               

How does your family prepare for the holidays?

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