Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Feature: Fab Manila

You know that Christmas is near when weekend bazaars start popping up left and right. Going to bazaars has been a yearly tradition for my mom and I. We like going through the various stalls, trying to find the perfect gifts for our friends. Our favorite bazaar is the St. James Christmas Bazaar in Cuenca, Ayala Alabang Village (Nov.30 to Dec. 2 this year). Last year, there was one stall that I went back to three times because I just had to get one more pouch or case. Haha! Each time the stall would be filled with ladies looking through the cute pouches and bags on display. That's when I discovered Fab Manila.

Fab Manila is the brainchild of two sisters, Jen and Sheila, who love art and travelling. Their pieces are actually inspired by their latest travels. No wonder their bags and cases come in the most interesting prints and patterns!  They have a wide variety of bags ranging from cute little coin purses to diaper bags. They have a small store inside 50th Avenue in Robinsons Galleria and whenever I go inside, I'm so tempted to buy EVERYTHING. I think they'd make the cutest gifts for my barkada and all the lovely ladies at work.

My first ever Fab Manila purchase were pencil cases in a cute matryoshka doll pattern. I bought a pair, one for myself and the other for my best friend, Gel, who's now living in Canada. It has pockets for the usual items such as pens, highlighters, and scissors and a zippered pocket which I used to hold random notes, band-aid, and tape. It folds into this case small enough to fit into any shoulder bag, perfect for high school and college students. I liked the little garter loop that holds everything in place. After a year of opening and closing my case, the garter began to loosen though. Surprisingly, it didn't break!

Pencil case (P150)

My latest Fab Manila purchase is their media pouch. I use it to hold my work phone and my iPhone as well as other items. It has these pockets which I use to hold some money and my USB cord. Whenever I go to the mall for my lunch break, I just bring this instead of my bag. It holds everything I need in such a small pouch. Like the pencil case, it has a garter strap- a thicker one though. This would be a perfect gift for those who bring a lot of personal gadgets with them wherever they go.

Media Pouch (P195)

Here are some other interesting bags and cases that you could give to your girl friends, cousins, aunts - anyone actually!

Taffy Diaper Clutch (P350)

Perfect for new moms! It's big enough to cover the changing table and it can carry enough essentials for one diaper change. This way, mommy doesn't have to lug around her huge diaper bag whenever she needs to change baby's diaper.

Wanderlust Purse- medium (P175)

Wanderlust Luggage Tag (P150)

These faux leather goodies are cute gifts for your barkada. You can pair them together or give one or the other. They come in such yummy colors, don't you think? So yummy that maybe these gifts will finally encourage your group to take that barkada trip out of the country you've always been talking about. 

Makeup Brush Holder (P395)

Every girl needs a case for her make up brushes and Fab Manila's cases have the best designs. Made of faux leather and printed fabric, the case can hold up to 8 brushes. It also has a small zippered pouch that can hold other tools such as an eyelash curler and tweezers. I'll surely buy one for my sister this Christmas. She's due for a new case. This is compact enough to fit in her bag which is perfect because she always puts make up in her car, even while she's driving. Haha! It's a skill that she's mastered for years. 

3-piece Luggage Organizer (P575)
For your friends and family who frequently travel. Packing will seem less of a chore with these organizers. 

Sunnies Case (P195)
For beach babes who head to Batangas, Boracay, or La Union every time there's a long weekend. 

Yasmin Doctor Bag (P1,100)
For your tita who brings her whole life with her wherever she goes. This bag is big enough to hold everything. The flower prints available are also very Cath Kidston-esque. 

Flip Top Box (P395)
Desks need a little bit of fun and color sometimes. These boxes are perfect for your officemates. 

All pictures are from the Fab Manila Website. You can shop for their items at their website, check out their stores in 50th avenue in Galleria, SOFA Retail Lab in Power Plant Mall, The Ramp Crossings in Trinoma, and even shop for some items at I'm pretty sure you'll find them in the hottest bazaars around the metro too.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love their stuff :) 

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