Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gift baskets

I know what you're thinking. "Gift baskets are (for the lack of a better term) so corny!" Well if you're thinking about the gift baskets you see in the supermarket filled with random groceries then yes, they are predictable and unoriginal. BUT, I think themed gift baskets to suit the personality of the recipient are perfect. Here are some ideas to inspire you to make your own gift baskets.                                           

These coffee and tea gift baskets are perfect for those who always start their day with a cup/mug. It's really easy to buy your friend's favorite brand of tea/coffee and fill up the basket with complementing items- maybe some biscuits with the tea or biscotti with coffee.

This spa gift basket is perfect for your mom or sister. There are so many lovely banig baskets and boxes available at Kultura in SM or at the culture section in any department store. As for the lotions and oils, my go-to store would be Watsons and Body Shop. They have a wide variety at very affordable prices. 

For papa or kuya, a beer gift basket would be perfect. Grab a bucket and fill it up with a few bottles of his favorite beer or maybe some new ones you'd like him to try (Robinsons Supermarket and Distillery have a nice selection of imported beers), a bottle opener (found cute and cheap ones at Saizen in Robinsons Galleria), and maybe a bag of his favorite chips. 

The great thing about gift baskets are that the possibilities are endless! It's budget friendly too because you can customize the items depending on how much you're willing to spend. It's totally up to you to make it as small or as grand as you like. Just make sure that the recipient would use whatever is in the basket. 

Last month, I gave a gift basket to my tita who loves to cook. In her basket, I put some cute silicon oven mitts, matching finger mitts (both from Gourdo's), hand soap and hand lotion (Watsons). I was going with the "taking care of her hands" theme. See! There are so many ways to make the perfect gift basket for your friends and family. 


  1. I love these gift basket ideas!! <3

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