Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dangwa Flower Market

As mentioned here, I asked my boyfriend for tips about buying flowers in Dangwa. He shared to me his past experiences in the famous flower market and I compiled a list for all of you.

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1. Go when the flowers are fresh. The best time to go? 12mn to 3 am because that's when the flowers have just been delivered.
2. Better to buy in large quantities. You get more value for your money this way. Just like any other product, buying wholesale or in bulk means a cheaper price per piece.
3. Haggle. Don't settle for the initial price offered to you, especially when it's not peak season (Valentines, November 1/2, etc.). They go as low as more than half the original price. You need good negotiation skills for this one.
4. Don't be kuripot. Haggle? Yes. But don't forget that the people there still need to make a living. Manage your expectations and don't expect flowers to be dirt cheap naman.
5. Appearance matters. Don't look rich. Haha! You can haggle all you want but if they think you can afford the price they initially gave, they won't budge.
6. Bring a driver or commute. Parking is very difficult here as the flower market is practically one long street of stalls. It's too much of a hassle. If you're buying a lot of flowers then the easiest way to go is to bring a driver. If not, commute!

Interesting note. You pay extra for them to arrange your flowers (around 300 pesos).  If you're after really nice arrangements, go to a respectable florist in a nearby mall beacause you don't go to Dangwa for flower arrangements. You go there for the flowers.

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