Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Feature: Quirks

"QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities was born because we just CANNOT stand boring things. We believe that there is always room to make any room... FUN. QUIRKS is a melting pot of products that infuse irreverence & humor into everyday living, turning any household into a playhouse." 
Go to and that's the first thing you see on their "About" page. I first saw this store in Rockwell and I really enjoyed looking through their stuff. Admittedly, I didn't buy anything because I found some things to be slightly expensive. I'd think, "I'm sure I can find something like this elsewhere na mas mura." I certainly thought wrong. That's the thing about Quirks. They sell unique (and oh so cute!) things and they're the only ones selling them here in the Philippines. They've got a really nice collection of random things that make for awesome gifts to friends and family.

Here are my top choices from their vast collection: (all pictures are from Quirks)

For the kitchen, 

L-R: Owlet Kitchen Timers (P350), Gator Bite Oven Mitt (P995), Cherry Bin Container (P1,795)

These are perfect gifts for friends and family members who spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up yummy goodies for you to try. They add some color to the kitchen and just make cooking/baking so much more fun. 

For the living room,

L-R: Eyeglasses Holder (P495), Key Dish (P995), Sun Jar (P1,350)

I really love the Sun Jar. It would making the prettiest lamp or nightlight. Plus it's environment friendly! 

For people who love alcohol- the drinking kind,

L-R: Luchador Bottle Opener (P495), XL Beer Glass (P795), Slammers (P956)

The XL Beer Glass would be perfect for my boyfriend! He loves his beer and can never just stop at 1 bottle. Plus, he firmly believes that the right way to drink beer is from a glass. 

For those always on-the-go,

L-R: Brown Paper Bag (P995), Scratch Map (P1,350), I Am A To Go Box (price unavailable)

If your friend brings baon to work, then the Brown Paper Bag is just the perfect gift to give. Looks can be very deceiving as it looks like a regular paper bag but it's not. It's made of some special material that makes it tear and leak proof. It keeps your baon nice and hot inside too! I, on the other hand, secretly want the Chinese takeout box. Super cute! 

And other random things that I think would make awesome gifts:
Dead Fred Pen Holder
L-R: Sushi Stapler (P395), Dead Fred Pen Holder (P450), Mighty Wallet (Manila Mania) (P830)
Ninja Hooks
L-R: Undercover Tablet Sleeve (P1,250), Ninja Hooks (price unavailable)

Another great thing about Quirks is that they can gift wrap the item for you for only P50- free if your purchase goes above P1,500. I really love how they use old magazines instead of using new gift wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper is thrown out just after one use. These days, we should all try to help out Mother Earth in every way that we can so I'm all for their "green" wrapping. 

Quirks is located at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and Shangri-la Plaza Mall. They've just opened a new branch at SM Megamall (Building A). I'll be visiting their new branch soon for sure. 

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love their stuff :) 

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