Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Gift Bags

When it comes to odd-shaped gifts that don't come in a box, gift wrapping can be such a chore. So what happens is that everyone ends up buying bags from National Bookstore or department stores. Sometimes we find the perfect bag (i.e. perfect size and nice design) but other times, the selection doesn't really scream "Oh how cute!". So, what's the solution? DIY gift bags. I have three different gift bag ideas that are really easy to do and are absolutely adorable. They don't require extra craft skills (perfect for those like me who are slightly challenged in that department. Haha!).

1. Envelope Gift Bag

Here's a really helpful tutorial I found on Youtube on how to make a small paper bag out of an envelope. It's really easy to do and requires mostly just folding. This type of gift bag is perfect for small gifts like jewelry, make-up, and sweets.

After watching the video, I tried it out for myself. 

Not bad for my first time! Haha!

Some things I learned while trying it out:
  • Fold neatly. It will make the finished product look much nicer. 
  • Decorate the envelope before folding.  
  • If your envelope is small, like what I used, the folds should only be about 1 cm thick. 
Here are some finished products I found. They're all so pretty!

2. Magazine or Newspaper Gift Bag

Here's a fairly easy illustration I found on how to make a gift bag out of newspaper. This kind of bag is perfect for your environmentally conscious friends. 

Instead of newspaper, I suggest using magazine pages as they have that glossy finish. They're also more sturdy than newspaper. 


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