Monday, November 19, 2012

From the 90s: Tamagotchi

So, how was your weekend?? I had an absolutely fun filled weekend with my boyfriend, friends, booze, and some really awesome food from Tsukiji. Mmmmm. My mouth waters just thinking about the food we had last night. 

Speaking of Japanese food, I really think Japan is the land of the coolest things. I am eternally grateful to the Japanese people for inventing sushi and to my boyfriend for opening my eyes and helping me appreciate Japanese food. It's his absolute favorite! Haha. Another thing I am grateful for is Tamagotchi! My mom wasn't the biggest fan of pets in the house so I was such a happy little girl when I got a Tamagotchi for Christmas years ago. 

I remember being so responsible of my digital pet. Feeding it and playing with it when she (I assumed it was female) "needed attention". LOL. 

Photo from

I think my Tamagotchi was pink. It was plain though but I absolutely loved it! I did, until I got bored LOL. I think my pet died after a few months. Haha! 

Photo from
Can you believe that they're still out in the market?? I guess this really isn't a blast from the past. Hmmmm, maybe I'll get one for my niece when she's old enough just for the heck of it. I might end up keeping it for myself just to relive my childhood. Haha!

How long did your vitrual pet last?

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