Saturday, November 17, 2012

Booked for the Holidays

My mom loves reading. She reads everyday. To her, books are little treasures. She instilled in me the same love for reading. Because I read using my kindle now (after a week, still a happy camper), an e-book would be a gift I'd really appreciate. I really think books make nice gifts to friends and family who share the same love for reading. I'm sure that there are still many avid bookworms out there.

One of my favorite bookstores is Fully Booked. They have the biggest collection of books, plus other items like notebooks and calendars. I could spend hours in that store and forget about the rest of the world. Haha!

Here's a list of gifts I picked out. They're available at Fully Booked stores in the metro. 


Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-6 (P1,920)
For your nephew who doesn't exactly love reading. This might spark his interest. 

The Tales of Beedle the Bard (P520)
For Potter fans who will take any chance they get to revisit the wizarding world. I have this on my kindle and I'm really enjoying the short tales with Dumbledore's discussions. 

Keri Smith Boxed Set (P1,699)
For young adults who used to have journals but can't seem to keep one throughout the whole year, closet artists, and fans of self-help. These interactive journals are fun and quite quirky. 

John Green Box Set (P2,999)
For those who have read The Fault in Our Stars and can't get enough of John Green. All four books in the set are award-winning novels that will be a joy to read I'm sure. 

For fans of the TV series, fantasy lovers, and those who love all things EPIC. I can't wait to start on the series! George R.R. Martin will surely not disappoint. 


2013 Dilbert Calendar (P630)
2013 Dilbert Calendar: My plan is to act randomly and hope for the best (P336)
2013 Dilbert Calendar: What fantasy will I use today to stave off madness? (P588)
For your brother who is in dire need of more laughter in his office. Sharing his cubicle with Dilbert will make a huge improvement. 

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader 2013 Calendar (P585)
A box filled with the most random things to make "doing your business" much more...entertaining. Haha! Perfect for anyone really. 

Zombies 2013 Calendar: The Year of Infection (P588)
For fans of The Walking Dead and friends who ran with you at Outbreak Manila

Okay technically the heading should say "Calendars" because I only picked out calendars. Haha! Why? Because Fully Booked has the most interesting ones! Nice notebooks/ journals are available in other bookstores but certainly not these fun calendars. 

All photos are from The Fully Booked website. 

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