Thursday, November 8, 2012

The perfect gift for your special girl

Whether your special girl is your girlfriend, your wife, or even your mom, a Pandora bracelet is the perfect gift to show your love for her.

Jewelry is always a tricky gift to get for a girl. She's either going to love it and wear it often or hate it and just keep it in it's box forever. The piece has to fit her style and her personality. So boys, if you do plan to get her jewelry, make sure you know her well and know what she likes. It's not the most affordable gift to buy. It's an investment and it requires you to shell out a little bit more than usual. That is if you get her real gold or silver, which is what I think all men should buy. No fancy accessories please because we would rather buy those ourselves. Also, some people are allergic to fake gold/silver so better to be safe than sorry. And don't you want to impress your special lady? :)

I received a Pandora bracelet last year from Chi and I absolutely LOVE it. Not as much as I love him, of course. Haha! My bracelet started out with the silver bracelet, 1 charm, 2 clips, and 2 spacers. It has grown since then to have 3 charms, 2 clips, 2 spacers, and a safety chain.

That's my bracelet and each piece holds a significant memory. The murano glass charms are yellow and purple because those are our favorite colors. There's a "21" charm because he gave the bracelet on my 21st birthday. I got the the flower safety lock right after graduation. The buddha will always remind me of our trip to Shanghai, our first trip out of the country. And last, but certainly not the least, the heart. I think that's self explanatory :)

As you can see, the bracelet is more than just a gift to me and, ironically,  that's why I think it makes the perfect gift to your special someone. You can customize it from the kind of bracelet (silver, gold, and even leather) to the different charms and spacers. They've got a really wide variety of choices so I'm sure you can tailor fit the bracelet to suit HER personality and YOUR budget. You can start with just the essentials (bracelet + 2-3 charms + 1-2 spacers) and build the bracelet together as you form new memories. 

Here are some bracelets for your inspiration. These are full ones and I can't wait to fill mine up! 

You can find Pandora at Bonifacio High Street, Lucerne at Edsa Shangri-la Mall, Adora at Greenbelt 5, and Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. Check this out for complete addresses of their stores in the Philippines.   They package everything in nice white boxes and they include every purchase with their latest catalog. Also, every time your girlfriend/wife/special someone visits their store, they can have their bracelet cleaned for free! It takes around an hour so I usually leave my bracelet with them, go around the mall to eat or shop, and then come back for it before I go home. 

Check out the Pandora website for more info. Or you could just look at their beautiful pieces :) 

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