Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thought: Birthday Cakes

Obviously my life does not revolve on gift giving. So once in a while, I'll be posting random musings about anything. 

For today, it's birthday cakes. It's November. For me, that means it's time to celebrate for the next couple of months. For November, I've got my anniversary with my boyfriend, Chi (pronounced as Chi like "China" without the "na" and NOT Chi, "The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things. The unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine." It's also his birthday this month, the week after our anniversary. Then for December, there's my birthday and Christmas! Hooray! 

So back to cakes. For Chi's birthday, I'm getting him his favorite chocolate cake from Divine Desserts. Oh God, this cake is the most MOIST and YUMMIEST chocolate cake I've ever tasted in the metro! So simple and yet so deadly. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. Mmmmmm. 

Divine Desserts is a small cake shop along Katipunan Avenue, near White Plains. If you're in the area, I highly suggest you take one home. They supply the blueberry cheesecake at UCC too (my sister's favorite!). I've heard that the owner has a small cafe at SM Hypermarket, near Tiendesitas, called Bean & Baker where you can try other non-dessert dishes too. 

Chi, likes simple cakes. As long as they taste real good and don't have fruit in them, he's happy. Yes, he hates fruits. How ironic because I LOVE fruits. Haha! I, on the other hand, love cakes that are both good but look amazing too. I used to watch Ace of Cakes on the Lifestyle Network all the time. I love how outrageous their cakes are! Here are some of their designs which I adore. If only fondant icing tasted better *sigh*. 

All photos are from the Charm City Cakes website:

These stacked cakes are to die for! I love the intricate details on the lace cake and the la boheme cake. If you like simpler designs, the big polka dot bow cake and the patterns cake are absolutely adorable. If you're the more adventurous type, then the Halloween and candy cake are perfect conversation starters. The candy cake is just screaming fun and cuteness! 

Charm City Cakes are most known, however, for their unique carved cakes. These are my favorites from their site. 

For a kid's birthday party!
For a comic fan :)
For me! Hahahaha. 

Aren't these the most awesome cakes you've ever seen?? I'm a big Harry Potter fan so the last cake would be my absolute favorite. 

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