Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stocking Stuffers: Beauty loot

Here are some affordable beauty products all under 250 pesos. They're great stocking stuffers for the ladies. Click on the captions to see where you can get these awesome beauty finds. 

Nail party

Fast dry nail polish (P199)
                     Acetone- free nail polish remover (P65)
No mess and no need for cotton. Such a hassle-free way to remove nail polish! 

Color changing nail polish (P185)
Who knew there was such a thing as mood nail polish? Like a mood ring, it changes color according to your body temperature.

Kit of 70 french nails (P250)
Perfect for the lazy gals. Haha!

Glow in the dark nail polish (P210)

Those pesky bugs

Soothing gel (P159)
I would want to find this in my stocking. Sometimes, I just can't help but scratch those bites!

Anti-mosquito rescue stick (P195)
Little Kylie is going to the park? Mommy's here to rescue her from those deadly mosquitos. 

Citronella Bug Spray
Citronella bug spray (P99.75 for 50ml, P159.75 for 100ml)
Let's support the GK families while staying dengue-free!

Nothing stinky please

Relaxing foot mist (P145)
Solid perfume (P160)
Perfectly compact, it's an essential item to have in your handbag. Just rub some with your fingers and you're ready to beso the titos and titas

Mint pillow mist (P150)

A moisturizer & a miracle

Egg lip balm (P200)
How can I resist the adorable egg shape and bright colors? 

Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil *
Sunflower miracle oil (P129.75 for 50ml, P249.75 for 100ml)
Human Heart Nature's best seller by far. From the countless reviews, it's a miracle in a bottle. 

Unique finds

Gray hair cover up (P240)
Set of 10 brush guards (P250)
We all know how important it is to keep those make up brushes clean. These will help keep the shape of the brushes too. 

Happy shopping and happy giving!!

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