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Bobble. Bobble. Bobble. Funny sounding word, isn't it? Sounds like a sound (whut?) that a fish or some water animal would make. Haha! According to Google, 


  1. A small ball made of strands of wool used as a decoration on a hat or on furnishings.
  2. A mishandling of a ball.

Hmmmm. I don't think these meanings fit the product I'm about to show you. Let's try 


 [bob-uh l]  Show IPA noun, verb, bob·bled,bob·bling.
a repeated, jerky movementbob.

That's more like it. That meaning makes much more sense because the product that I'm going to talk about is the Bobble Brush toothbrush stand from Qrius. It "keeps your toothbrush upright and grime-free", according to Qrius.


I think it's such a FUN toothbrush stand. Haha! It comes in blue, pink, and grey. It's this cone-ish shaped thing (for the lack of a better word) with a rubberized weighted base. The base keeps the stand in place while on any wet surface like your bathroom sink. 

It has a hole on the top where you insert your toothbrush. It's form fitting so that your toothbrush won't fall. It can firmly hold all standard sized toothbrushes with the exception of electronic ones. 

Quirky Bobble Brush Toothbrush Stand
via Qrius

To clean the stand, you simply unscrew the top and middle sections. It's that easy. 

Quirky Bobble Brush Toothbrush Stand
via Qrius

It's a great gift for anyone really. They can use it for their toothbrush in the bathroom or any elongated object like pens and pencils in their office. 

It's P600 and you can buy it here

Quirky Bobble Brush Toothbrush Stand
via Qrius
via Qrius

Since it comes in a box, wrapping will be real easy. If you want to make the wrapping just a bit more special, you can stick with the bathroom theme and use a towel/ cloth for wrapping

via designbright
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Click here for instructions or search for videos on Youtube. There are lots of them going around....bobble, bobble, bobble. 

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