Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The classic button down

Men's button down shirts have recently been worn more and more by women. First, there was the boyfriend shirt look with leggings. Then, women started sporting button downs with practically anything- shorts, skirts, and even alone as a cover up at the beach. 

Soon after, wildly creative gals were using wrapping techniques to transform their boyfriend's button down shirt into dresses, tops and skirts. 

via collegecandy
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Well, taking it from the gift wrapping trend of Furoshiki, the classic button down shirt can actually be used for gift wrapping! I think Jennifer Playford's instructions best show how to do it. 

It's real easy to do and it doesn't require any sewing or cutting. I love this technique because whoever is receiving the gift can actually use the wrapping after. I'm all for reusable wrapping and I think this is as green as you can get. Here are some finished products.

via Wrapagami book
Use a red or green shirt for a Christmas gift.

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recycle an old shirt for wrapping gift
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This one used the button down shirt to cover the top of a box. 

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Don't they look amazing? I'm definitely trying this out soon. Maybe my brother or boyfriend has an old shirt that I could use. After wrapping the box, I'd pin the tag with a tiny gold safety pin and that's it! 

Happy wrapping! 

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