Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letting wine breathe

My boyfriend likes drinking wine. I don't like wine as much as champagne but I enjoy the occasional glass. They say you should aerate your wine before you drink it. You do this by swirling the wine inside your glass with small circular motions, emphasis on the word "small". One time, I was "aerating" my wine when I spilled some on myself! It was quite embarrassing. Good thing no one was looking! Haha!

To save your friends and family from a booboo like mine, get them the Crystal Vin Wine Aerator from Qrius.

Crystal Vin - Wine Aerator

It aerates your wine in a matter of seconds, enhancing the flavor of your favorite red. No need for countless swirling! It has a rubber holder for non-slip gripping. We surely don't want anyone to drop this while we pour wine above it. It also has a no-drip base for when the aerator is not being used.

Crystal Vin - Wine Aerator

The shape of the aerator allows air to easily mix with your wine, causing the wine to warm up and pulling out all the aromas in it. It costs P1,100 and it's available at Qrius Philippines

Crystal Vin - Wine Aerator

It's packaged in a box so gift wrapping won't be much of a problem. If you're giving this to someone special, I suggest you add a bottle of his favorite red wine to go with the aerator. That way, he can try it out once he has opened your gift. Cheers! 

Crystal Vin - Wine Aerator

All photos are from Qrius. 

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