Friday, December 14, 2012

For O.C. cooks

The Mocubo from Qrius is the perfect gift to give to those who spend most of their day in the kitchen. It's a cutting board with extra organizing features, which I love.

Quirky Mocubo Chopping Board

The board is made of bamboo and it has three containers below for storage. The containers easily slide out, ready to store the chopped food. One simply needs to slide the food into the container with their knife. So easy and convenient!

Quirky Mocubo Chopping Board

The board also has rubber feet to keep it in place. It's 16" wide, 11" high, and 1.75" deep. 

Quirky Mocubo Chopping Board With Drawers
Quirky Mocubo Chopping Board

This will surely make food prepping much easier for your loved one. It sells for P2,200 and it's available here

All photos are from Qrius. 

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