Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

Here's a nice gift to give to the men, especially those who are avid drinkers. They are very particular about the taste and temperature of their drink. They hate putting ice cubes in their glass because it dilutes their drink eventually. Intelligent Ice's Chillball is the solution to having perfectly chilled drinks.

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The chillballs are frozen then put into the clip, which is then attached to the glass. These balls eliminate the need for ice, which not only dilute the drink but annoyingly float inside the glass. They are durable and resistant to staining and odors. The clips are flexible and can fit most standard sized glasses

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Each box contains 6 Chillballs, 8 clips (4 large and 4 medium), 1 Chillball portable unit, and an instruction booklet. It's a must have for dads, husbands, titos, and boyfriends who drink "like a sir". Haha!

You can buy it at Chicify for P1,100. 

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Everything comes in a box which makes wrapping a breeze. I would limit the colors to black and silver to go with the whole "like a sir" theme. Maybe even stick a mustache cut-out on the top of the box. Hmmm (googles for DIY ideas). Here are some great gift wrapping ideas using mustaches!

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