Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY for Chi

Some people are born with the creative gene and others are not. I belong to the second group of people but I still try to make an effort- especially for people like Chi. CHEESY! I know. Sorry. ANYWAYS, I try to wrap his gifts in more special ways and I really take the time to prepare them. He should really give me an A for effort. Haha!

For this project, I spent a few hours (finished at around 1am) just cutting strips of wrapping paper. Honestly, I have no idea why it took me so long to cut enough strips to fill the two boxes. Haha! I used craft scissors (the ones with designs on them) for some extra "design". 

I got these Christmas boxes from National Bookstore. They're about 30-50 pesos each, depending on the size. National Bookstore had various designs and in three different sizes. 

I had the bow done in National Bookstore as well. I picked out two kinds of ribbons - a thicker organza ribbon and a thinner satin one. I choose to stick to one color, green, to keep with the traditional Christmas theme. Aside from paying for the ribbons you choose, you only need to add 15 pesos for their service. Not bad! 

I wanted to re-create the ribbon for another gift. I was feeling slightly kuripot so I just tried to remember how the lady in National Bookstore did it. I'm proud to say that I was quite successful. Haha! It's actually pretty easy. Lesson of my story? Study how the professionals do it and try it out on your own after. If it fails, Google or Youtube it. LOL. 

P.S. Pitch Perfect is an awesome movie. Just had to say it. 

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